Tu ce planuri ai pe 2019?
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Tu ce planuri ai pe 2019?

Time is too slow for those who are waiting, too fast for those who are afraid, too long for those who cry, too short for those who celebrate, but for those who love time is an eternity - William Shakespeare

We have just stepped into the new year and wish to wish you 365 days of story, amazing stories and smiles.
For the coming year, we have already made plans and we want to share it with you, that\'s because we like to move on, the things that we hold and, which we believe, to be of use to you.
For 2019, we have proposed 5 things that we will keep in mind, wherever we are, the people we meet, the actions we will be doing. These are very simple things, which should not require an overwhelming effort, but rather just involvement and attention.
So are you ready to read our plans?
In 2019, we will:
1. Love more. Yes, that\'s right!
 You see, we are constantly agitated all the time, and often we forget to love and show the people around us how important they are to us. Love is essential in everything we do, because only through its power we find stability, affection, courage, trust and motivation, which is why we advise you to put this in the top of your plans.
2. Passengers.
Travels help you develop, discover other cultures, become more curious, make you experience that you can never look at. Travels take you to different worlds, teach you to adapt to any environment and, above all, is the main way to make friends in all the realms of the world.
3. Zambi more often.
Daaaa, we wanted to be more positive, more full of life, more optimistic because, in fact, life gives us what we deserve. Once we are more joyful, confident in us, we will attract the right people around us.
4. Learn new things.
In fact, we have proposed that this year, let us discover a new passion. For example, I want to go swimming, a colleague of mine wants to dance, another colleague learns to cook, etc. In addition to the things every day we do, go to the office and then to the house, we want to get out of the routine more often and get our work done. What do you say you come with us?
5. Read more often.
Exactly, I do not want to get rid of my interesting books. Aside from the fact that I want to get out of my everyday routine with the above-mentioned plans, I want to spend more time reading. To read means personal, emotional, intellectual, it means learning, knowledge, freedom to think, and the ability to understand more about what is of interest to you.

So, 2019, we have big plans with you.
We want you to be fantastic, and we will contribute to this.

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